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About us


Is to encourage innovative and interactive engagement of sounds and lifestyle on a future tip to artist and our audiences. The vastness of African music genre permeates pop culture--- art, fashion, music and dance are a few examples of where its influence can be seen.

As a collective, we are distinctly inspired by the global citizenship that represents life in Ontario and in Canada – as seen in the many cultures that co-exist here-- and that same citizenship’s appreciation of the arts. To this, it’s clear to us that music translates regardless of culture which is an important aspect of our vision to broaden awareness to all people regardless of race, culture or creed.


Our 'AIM' is:

  • To give local African talent the knowledge, networks and platforms to launch and maintain careers in the global entertainment industry.
  • To engage Canadian public understanding of the African talent through the presentation of cultural events.
  • To provide talented local, national and international African artists opportunities for exposure and integration into the local art scene through mentoring and advisory efforts.
  • To provide a forum for advocating musical excellence and industry education. 
  • To assist in the performances, radio play, sales, promotion of music, and overall education of up and coming talents....


AIM 2 IMPACT works with internal and external partners to identify, develop and provide technical support to projects and programs that focus on issues relating to youth development and education while paying attention to community economic, cultural development, crime and anti-violence.

The MIT program targets young people who are interested in becoming self-employed in the arts and entertainment industry while giving them the resources, platforms and knowledge to do so.



The Fashion program focuses on the basic principles of fabrics and garments selection, while participants creates and designs an outfit from start to finish though-out the time period of the program. The Film program features on the basic principle of film making and the new technologies, while the participants develop and shoot a short film on a topic of their choice that is affecting their community. Upon Completion of program the participant film will be showcase during African Music Week in Toronto, Canada

Arts Program

The Art program helps emerging and street artists learn and refined their craft with well experience coordinators, mentors and teachers and then go on to participate in the I AM ART showcase during the summer with a chance to win $1000 prize.

Music Production

The aim of the program is to introduce participants to the techniques of hands-on recording sessions and planning a live showcase event. Classroom includes acoustic principles, music theory, song writing and critical listening exercise. Our goal is to have participants continue to pursue a career in this field with career strategies.  

Sound mixing and editing

Sound Design

Studio Lingo

Recording Techniques

Formatting and compression methods





Graduates from each F.A.M.E program gets a funded trip to Ghana for a cultural educational exchange, entertainment and an empowering spiritual experience of learning the tragic journey of the slave trade.


Training Program



Is an annual showcase during Canadian Music Week in Toronto where local African artists have rallied together to present a night of entertainment. This is an evening of Live Music showcase, Dancing and Networking.


“Believe In Yourself”

AIM 2 IMPACT believes that bullying is a serious issue that has far reaching consequences for both the entire school community and society. Providing students with an opportunity to learn and develop in a safe and respectful society is important to all of us. Our team has developed a unique presentation of a variety of artists such as singers, rappers, poets, dancer, sharing their experience with bullying while entertaining and having an inter-active discussion with parents, teachers, professionals and students while recommending solutions that can be use as best practices to stamp out bullying in our schools and community.


Community Development and Cultural Awareness represent the main activities of AIM 2 IMPACT in its quest to establish Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives. Through the dedicated support to programs that lend themselves to national development, AIM 2 IMPACT works at the community levels to impact on the society’s landscape in a positive and sustainable way.