AIM 2 IMPACT is a non-for-profit collective (based in Toronto, Ontario) dedicated to expanding the artistic landscape in Ontario and Canada.  We have brought together a highly respected and skilled group of business, marketing and media professionals, community leaders and non profit specialists working together with an array of young talent to make a difference in our communities.

Board Members

Julius Ossom


Julz Ossom is the president of and co-founder of The African Invasion Movement. His goal is to bring African music to the forefront of mainstream media worldwide. He specializes in artist management and development. He works with artists, managers and music producers to create a growing network of African professionals within the music industry. Julz  has years of experience in the music scene and is not afraid to take on new roles. He is passionate about artist development and using his background in Marketing and invaluable experience in the business  to offer his community clear guidance. 

Glen Joseph

Vice Chairman

Glen Joseph, co-founder of The African Invasion Movement; He is an Entertainment Marketing Consultant and Talent Agent with over 20 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry.

Richmond Bonsu

Programme Manager

Richmond Bonsu, owner and founder of Afro Entertainment, an event planning and Management Company. AfroEnt has positioned itself as a leading producer in live events from the world of African entertainment to Canadian audiences. With over 10 years in both commercial and charitable initiatives, Afro Entertainment’s success can be seen in a number of hugely popular city events including Ghana Fest, Afrobana, the African Youth Summit.

Yinka Farinde

Chief Ambassador

Yinka Farinde, Omoniyi Adeyinka Farinde or Yinka, as he is affectionately called, is a stalwart within the Nigerian Community and Musical Industry. For over two decades, he has been promoting Multiculturalism within Canada. He is among the first honoured with the title of “Chief” in Canada. He is the founder of the 1st Nigerian Musical Band in Canada. He was also the first to start sewing and embroidering of African Clothes in Canada. He further taught this time-consuming skill to others in the Yoruba Community. He is the first Nigerian Musical and Video Promoter in Canada. He is responsible for bringing many “big-name” artists to perform in Canada. As a volunteer and Board member of Victory and Praise Christian Ministry, he plays an integral role in the daily operations of the organization. For the past 17 years, he has given freely of his time to further the Musical Department within this church. He has been instrumental in teaching the youths of Victory and Praise to play the keyboard and drums. Because of his expert tutelage, we now have keyboardists and drummers who themselves are volunteering and giving back to the Community from which they learnt so much.

Richard Dawkins

Director of Marketing and Strategy

Richard Dawkins, CEO of Diet Monkey, an Artist Development Company and Social Media Director for record label Kingston Music Institution (KMI) a diverse, boutique Music Company placing focus on Reggae, World music and its fusions, and the revolutionary concept of music without boundaries or classification.

Mischa Cover

Financial Controller

Mischa Cover, has been compassionately serving her community for over 15 years. As a top performer she has 8 yrs experience in finance and in the Gaming Industry. Her success is due to a passion for quality and excellence, tenacity, and a willingness to confront and conquer tough financial challenges. She possesses exceptional organizational skills and a keen eye for detail. Her strengths lie in building quality financial processes that meet and exceed expectations. Mischa believes gaining a thorough understanding of all aspects of the business is required to financially guide the AIM Organization .